McDavis Sales & Service Ltd                 

       Sales & Servicing of Medical Equipment for Hospitals& Research in Canada


                           Surgical  Lights, Tables, Warming Cabinets .......... More 

Full Surgical Tables & Accessories-Surgical Lighting (focusable & fixed focus)                          Voice & Touchscreen Activated Surgical Equipment

         Emergency, Procedure & Exam Lighting  -  Birthing Room & Cath Lab Lighting                            Camera Systems (within Surgical Lights)

 Space Management Skybooms  - Smoke Evacuation Systems  - Stainless Steel   Storage Cabinets -Nurse Documentation  Centre-Warming Cabinets -Scrub Sinks                 Washer/Disinfectors - Low Temperature Ozone Sterilizer

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A complete line of 20 standard sized sterilizers -They simply build the very best Autoclaves available......anywhere

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                                                 Hospital Products & Laboratory Products

Warming Cabinets-Scrub Sinks-Instrument Cabinets-O.R.Carts-Storage Consoles - Writing Desks & Pass Thru Cabinets

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Flexible Scope Washer Disinfector / Pre-Processing Sink/ Flexible Dryer Cabinet

Automated systems for cleaning  and chemical immersion of heat sensitive medical instruments of complex design

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                                                  Cleaning Products

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A manufacturer and distributor of institutional, industrial, automotive and marine cleaning products